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Together, we can keep families close.

At Hope’s Harbor, no family is turned away due to an inability to pay.

When able, we ask families to contribute $10 per night to help offset the cost of providing our services.

We’re able to offer this very low rate due to the generosity of our donors who help support Hope’s Harbor and our families.

“I can’t imagine our journey without Hope’s Harbor.”
– Bekah
“It’s so hard to leave your child in the hospital. So being able to stay nearby at Hope’s Harbor was such a blessing.”
– Amber
“The sense of community is amazing. Meeting other families helps you know you’re not alone.”
– Kai
“It was a home-away-from-home for us.”
– Melissa
“We lived at Hope’s Harbor for nearly a month. It was an amazing experience.”
– Carlos
“Having all the support, the love, the meals and camaraderie—it was everything. It was our home.”
– Doug
“Hope’s Harbor was a sanctuary for us.”
– Maria
“It was such a blessing for our family to be at Hope’s Harbor.”
– Chris
“Without Hope’s Harbor, we would have been lost.”
– Amber