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Bring your: team & troops, clubs & committees, buddies & besties.

Volunteer: Group

Volunteering as a group or club is a rewarding way to support families in need.

Groups of volunteers provide meals, help with yard work, regular maintenance, planning events and helping to raise money to support our homes. Contact us for more information about volunteering and to get started.

Master with pasta?
Rock with a wok?

(Or carry-out

Volunteering to prepare a home-cooked meal is a great way for your club, group or team to support families of children receiving medical care away from home.

Meals can be prepared in our beautiful gourmet kitchen using our fully stocked pantry, provided by a catered restaurant or prepackaged from a grocery store. It is required that all food be prepared in a commercial kitchen. You are typically preparing a meal for 8-10 people. Our volunteer coordinator, Courtney, will be in touch a few days prior to your volunteer date to confirm the expected amount.

Check the FAQs about providing a meal — it’ll be fun we promise!

Donate Items

It takes a lot to keep our homes operating and well-stocked. We always appreciate donations of pantry items, cleaning supplies and other staple items. View the items needed below.


We rely on generous financial support from our community to be able to continue our mission. Your gift will help support and care for families in need.